Date With A Wolf Pack Boy Lookalike

He picked me up from my flat in a car I was meant to be impressed with and we drove to dinner. We emerged in my hometown and I said I wanted to see my mother. She wasn’t home, but I collected my grandmother’s new sausage dog to look after. I met him again in a hotel after almost dropping the dog through a gap in the elevator doors that couldn’t close. I asked where the fiancé suites were and was directed down a long metal corridor. An airport. The dog couldn’t manage the ramp so I picked it up but it was too heavy to carry. I sat it on my jacket and dragged it on the polished floor.

We were sitting in a train carriage across from a family whose mother had disapproving eyes. I felt ashamed and my hands were sweating. There were stains on my jeans I was trying to cover. I asked him if he recycled and he said no. I became distressed and said this was no joke, did he even use Ecover?

We arrived back in London and drove off the train. The gap between the train and platform edge was too large for the dog so we took the car. I asked where we were going but couldn’t understand him. He gave me his phone to look this up. It was soft like an aubergine and I peeled it back in pithy, foamy layers, stringy with seeds. I told him I could not use it as I had just got one myself and didn’t know how they worked yet. He became angry and said I must know because I had been messaging him too much. I promised to stop. He threw it at me and it left a blotch on my white blouse. He had said he liked it because it was tied in a knot on my waist.

We were back in another train carriage and instead a small child was facing us. They were spilling food and water and it was running over the lip of the table, falling into my lap and making the insides of my legs wet. We must have been going uphill. I was trying to wipe it away but they could see me and I was embarrassed. I asked to go to London but he said no. When were you last tested? At this, I threw a glass of wine, which I thought I had left at Zoë’s, in his face, picked up the dog and was in the lobby.

I rang him but he didn’t answer, and at the same time he was ringing me. This annoyed me. I answered. I cried down the phone and he told me he was making pottery now. It was not the wine that interested him, but it had always been the vessels that contained it he said. He sent me some photos because this new phone could do that and I liked the blue glazed one. He would send it in a few days, but it might take a while to arrive because of the bank holiday.

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